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Daydreams. We all have them and can’t deny that no matter how unrealistic they may be, they make us feel alive. I do my best daydreaming when I run as I let my mind freely wander wherever it may please. One of my most frequent daydream topics is travel. A couple of months ago I talked about the importance of exercise and how fitting it into your busy life should be non-negotiable. Well, this post is about something that in my mind is equally important, something that feeds your heart, mind and soul. This something for me is travel.

I have come to the realization that you will never have enough time or money to do the traveling that your heart desires. This is the reality for most people. This is a reality for most people because they let it be. To those people, read this article on 3 reasons to travel while you’re young. It may change your mind, or at least your perspective.

I was raised in a family that made travel a priority. No, we didn’t go on exotic trips, stay in fancy hotels or fly half-way around the world, but every single summer without fail, we went somewhere. First we did Canada, out east, out west and central. Next, we ventured into the states touring NYC, California, Chicago, Florida, Vegas and various other locations.  I can truly say that this has made a difference in my life. The bits and pieces of knowledge, culture, architecture and beauty that I saw on all of these trips has greatly contributed to who I am today. A requirement of my parents was that we always kept a journal on our trips. It is very entertaining to read these now many years later and boy am I glad that I have them.

Now we look at current time.  Am I one of those people that others envy because they drop everything on a regular basis to venture out and see the world? No, I am not. I have backpacked Europe for a month, I have been down south and I continue to travel within Canada and the US on a regular basis. It isn’t enough. There are SO many places that I want to see, so many places that when I think about them, it makes every inch of my body feel alive. I can’t imagine leaving this world never getting to experience the culture, beauty and magic that the world has to offer. I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t have a lot of time. I have chosen to make travel a priority.

How did I do this you ask? I made a pact with my fiance. Every 5 years we will go somewhere great. When I say great, I mean spectacular. I have many years to go and lay on a beach at an all inclusive, I am not interested in that right now, I am stubborn. I want to surf in New Zealand, I want to play with monkey’s in Thailand, I want to go in the hot springs in Iceland and climb Mount Fugi in Japan. I hope we have the time and the resources to do this more often than every 5 years but as you know, I am a realist (who knows it may take us that long to save),  with a touch of dreamer in me. I want to live a comfortable life and I am working my butt off now so that I can have the life I want, and travel too.

I am excited to announce that this week we will receive our first draft of our itinerary for our honeymoon to Africa. I am so excited that I could cry. I feel it in my bones, this will change me. I will see a part of the world that I have only imagined. I will walk beside my love of my life on this adventure and never look back. Is it crazy expensive? Yes, yes it is. I just know in 5 years from now if I look back on this moment I will never regret the choice we made to experience life. I could have better dishes, put new flooring in our house, but nothing will come close to the feeling I will get sleeping in a game reserve, listening to the animals outside and staring up at the stars.

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4 thoughts on “Travel, Voyage, Journey, Wander

  1. This is so very true! I have only been to one place outside of the normal travel areas and for me…Guatemala changed me. I feel that every person should travel somewhere truly different and out of their comfort zone! I am so excited to hear all about your trip to Africa and the many more after! Great blog Jess!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I would love to hear more about Guatemala sometime. That is one place that I haven’t done much research on and I can only imagine how spectacular it is.

  3. This post was such a pleasant read, I really enjoyed it.

    Much like your own adolescence, my family is very keen on travelling. Most of our trips are spontaneous, I can’t recall ever booking a hotel in advance on our two week trip to Europe. Not to forget to mention, our vacations are also planned nearly last minute within a few weeks to pack and countdown our excitement.

    I’m looking forward to travelling out East or West of Canada this summer, let me know if you recommend anything!

    Good luck and have fun on your journey to Africa!

  4. Lovely post.:-). Honey to Africa.What a fantastic way to start the year! Have an awesome trip!

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